Pacific Wing Chun Association

Pacific Wing Chun Kung Fu Association

Dedication, Honor, Respect

Training Technique

 Students are introduced to the basic strikes, blocks, kicks, and hand techniques to be utilized within Wing Chun Kung Fu through exercise drills, or San Sik. When proficient with these basic striking techniques, and familiar with proper intercept technique, only then the student will be introduced to light contact drills with other students. This will enable students to develop at their own rate while giving the developing student a great sense of achievement. As the student continues to develop within this first stage of training they will study the first hand form Sil Lim Tao, Little or Small Ideas.

Intermediate Training Technique


Intermediate Training Technique includes the use of light contact to medium contact sparring in Chi Sao, San Sao, and through the drills of San Sik. Further intermediate training will include study of Chum Kiu, and Biu Ji, the second, and third hand forms, also introduction to Mook Yan Jong, or the wooden man.

Advanced Practitioner Training


The Advanced Wing Chun Practitioner will have a mastery of the three hand forms, and most Wing Chun technique, with knowledge of Baat Jaam Dou (The Broad Short Swords)Luk Dim Boon Kwan (Dragon Staff) , and Mook Yan Jong theory.  At this point the Advanced Wing Chun Practitioner will be involved in heavy contact sparring through San Sao, and Chi Sao exersises. They will also be involved in the training of new students.